The Adventurer's Bug - The Desperate Hours - Damon

Mark Hyacinth


=Main Engineering=

=MD2 Early=


“No. That one goes there. This one goes here.”

As desperate situations went, this one was at the top of her list. There was literally damage everywhere. She had yet to find a single system that had not been impacted from their catastrophic ejection from the Transwarp Corridor. Ash was going to have a fit when she saw how the Main Energizer was bypassed. Serves her right for getting injured. Not that she thought the Chief Engineer would berate the work, Ash would just have done it differently. This was the ultimate balancing act. Chase was monitoring the flow of power to necessary systems while trying keep the secondary systems running as well. The Flambeau’s structural integrity had taken a hit as well between the ejection and then rescue of the Biglow’s crew. They wouldn’t be making any sharp maneuvers anytime soon. If they did, they risked leaving pieces of their hull in their wake. It strange how truly fragile starships were, and how vulnerable the beings living within their hulls were. “It’s not until the sausage is in the fire that you realize how easy it is to burn,” she whispered.

The captain and a large majority of the crew were getting ready to disembark upon arrival at Harkon IV. They didn’t have a choice. The presence of even the few survivors from Biglow was already putting a strain on the Flambeau’s resources. They needed to remove that pressure. The best way to do it was to reduce the number of personnel that the ship had to support, shutdown entire decks to conserve power, and to make the necessary repairs so they could go to warp and communicate via subspace. Chase would be remaining aboard with a skeleton crew to affect repairs and provide support for the surface teams. Somer was coordinating the ground mission along with Dom. Chase was scared. This situation represented the direst she had ever been in. They were all counting on her and the remaining crew to get them off that rock. She wasn’t sure at present if that was possible. As she worked on keeping them just able to make it to Harkon, Chase was formulating a plan of action. If she could just get rid of this headache. It had intensified a bit over the last few hours.

“Commander, power to Sickbay has been stabilized,” reported the specialist.

“Great work, Daniels. How is the number three fusion reactor?”

“Holding and stable, ma’am. We have 81% of impulse power at present.”

That was good to hear. It was up a single percentage point. “Good. Keep an eye on them. The coolant system is a priority.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Daniels was off and another specialist appeared in front of her with a PADD. She looked it over and again was pleased. “They’re going to need those prefab buildings right away. Make sure to keep the flow of auxiliary power to the industrial replicators steady. Except for Science Lab 1, shutdown all remaining Science Labs. Also cut power to Astrometrics. We’re going to be in orbit for a while and we won’t need it.”

“Aye. I’m on it.”

With those tasks delegated, Chase tapped the code into the console that would allow her access to the secondary EPS relays. This would require her personal attention. Looking inside, it wasn’t as bad as it could be. There were ten relays at this junction. Six were green, two were amber, and two were red. Chase set to work getting the two red relays to amber, then she would get all the amber relays to green. It was like a puzzle. You had to find and repair the short, then activate the relays in the right sequence. It reminded her of one of her favorite stories. As the tale was told to her by her father, twentieth century Astronaut Ken Mattingly had been barred from the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight. He had been exposed to German Measles but never contracted the disease. During the operation to bring the craft back to Earth safely, Mattingly had to figure out a way to power up the spacecraft’s critical systems without causing an overload. This relay puzzle was like that. Chase smiled a little because she and Ash talked engineering all the time. “Not exactly doing this your way, but it’s going to work, Ash.”



Lt. Commander Chase Damon

Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer

USS Flambeau