The Adventurer's Bug - Shirts and Skins



== Open space ==

==Paridisio, Harkon IV ==

== MD 6 ==


With two full crews in a small encampment with no real mission other than to survive while the ship was repaired, that led to a lot of people sitting around doing nothing between meals. Lt. Ramos’ impromptu work out routine she had her security perform a few days back had grown. More and more crew had joined some voluntarily and other as ordered. It did give some semblance of unity and direction to the crew not working even if only for a brief time. The Ops crew from the Flambeau did try their best to provide some recreational activities. With all that was offered, the one item that generated quite a bit of interest were several simple balls.

With most of the crews being human, the most common game played was soccer. No gear except the ball was required. A general area to play and some quick picked teams and the pick up games were on. It was the first time in a while that many of the crew had played on a planet surface. Usually some sort of holodeck simulation, an indoor gym of sorts or cargo bays were often used for such games as well when they weren’t overly packed. Planetary surfaces offered more variables.

It was late in the afternoon when Lt. Ramos had wrapped up her rounds and handed things over to the next assigned Officer of the Day. Their duties had been fairly mundane. Ensuring that  all of the guards and patrols were at the assigned places was about it. Except for a couple of heated exchanges between a few crewman, there wasn’t much Security had to worry about. Even the animal life, if there was any, posed no problem.

Juliet changed into clothes better suited for a work out instead of her usual duty uniform. She wanted to join in on a friendly soccer game.  She headed over to the unofficial field was for Paridisio. The two makeshift teams playing were easily identified. Half retained their shirts while the others had removed them. The females still retained a top that was essentially a sports bra. It was less about modesty than it was about support. It didn’t take long to get involved. An errant pass shot past a player on the field and headed for Juliet. She trapped the ball and passed it back to the player that missed.

“Lieutenant, Skins could use one more,” a player called out.

“No problem,” Juliet replied and with that she took off her shirt and grounded it at the side of the field. She quickly joined in.

Like all games there were some that knew and played the game well and others that just played, but had a long way to go to be very good. Juliet was closer to the first group. The Shirts scored shortly after she arrived. The goal was two shirts about 2 meters apart with no goalie on each end of the field. There were some congratulations from both sides on the goal since it was an all friendly game after all. On the far side of the field Juliet noticed one of the team of scientists the Flambeau had brought to Harkon IV. It was Santana Shepard (npc), Doctor Shepard’s daughter. Once the kick off restarted the game, Juliet shifted her position closer to Santana(npc). Other than her good looks, Juliet also saw she was very good at the game.

Juliet received  a pass, started down field and when Santana(npc) approached she held her progress and passed to her left. Santana nearly intercepted the ball displaying an amazing burst of speed. The ball was passed between more of the Skins. Juliet saw an opening farther down the field toward the Shirts goal. She sprinted for the area and called out.


One of her team kicked the ball towards her intended destination. The pass was good and Juliet got it, but as soon as she had she had to fend of Santana’s(npc) attempt to steal the ball away or at least block any shots on goal. The two went at it briefly until Santana’s kick sent the ball out of bounds. That gave a chance for the teams to reset closer to the Shirts goal.

Juliet threw the ball in and it was trapped and kicked up to pass to a player. One of the Shirts went up to head the ball while one of the Skins kicked high and the two connected. The Shirts player recoiled from the hit holding the side of his head. He then went after the Skins player shoving him backwards.

“What the hell are you doing!?” the Shirt yelled.

“Sorry,” the Skin replied.

“You bet your ass your are!” the Shirt yelled back pushing the Skin again.

Ramos quickly headed over to the altercation to get it under check before it got out of hand.

“Okay, let’s calm down,” Ramos told the two of them.

The Shirt player turned away still showing his anger at the hit and the Skins player just joined his team. If this was the toughest thing Ramos had to deal with here, life on Security was going to be a breeze.

The game started up with Shirts pressing the attack. The ball was passed to Santana and Juliet went after it. Santana turned her back to Juliet to block the ball then in a quick short kick, sent the ball back over her and Juliet’s head landing behind Juliet. In a quick move Santana cut past Juliet, retrieved the ball and headed down the field then passed to another player. Juliet was embarrassed by the move but tried not to show it. It was a fantastic move.

==30 minutes later ==

More people were showing up with teams changing as new players arrived and others left. Santana was getting ready to leave and Juliet intercepted her after retrieving her shirt.

“Good game,” Juliet said.

“Good workout anyway,” Santana replied.

“More thirsty right now, but dinner later.”

“Maybe we can grab dinner after a shower?”
Santana looked over at Juliet with a smile and said, “Sure.”

“I’ll meet you at the chow hall in what, thirty?”

“Sounds good,” Santana said as she headed towards the quarters she was housed in.

“See you then,” Juliet said.

The two went their separate ways with thinking ‘ maybe being stranded isn’t so bad.’


1Lt. Juliet Ramos


USS Flambeau