The Adventurer's Bug - Road to Paridisio




== Site 2, Harkon IV==

==MD 2 Evening ==

Away Teams had scouted two prospective places that the two crews would soon call home. Lt. Ramos had not accompanied either team, so her arrival today was her first time at the chosen site. Currently the activity was focused on erecting temporary shelters for the two crews plus other structures for logistics, medical, dining and whatever else was deemed necessary. Even a Science Lab was in the mix. The alien terrain, which only knew natural sunlight as it’s only lighting, was now bathed in artificial light from portable spotlight stands. Time was of the essence and waiting for another night wasn’t in the cards.

Ramos walked through the busy area avoiding crew moving equipment and materials into place. She found her few Security officers that were currently at the site. The six officers were waiting for the Lieutenant next to several cargo containers. Ramos stepped up to the group and surveyed the cargo containers.

“Our perimeter fencing?” Ramos asked Petty Officer Oberst(npc). She was the ranking member of the group.

“Yes, sir. Considering the area, we probably won’t need all of this, but too much is better than not enough.”

“You can say that again,” Ramos replied. “Have you assessed the area for possible placement?”

“Yes, sir,” Petty Officer Oberst(npc) replied.

She pulled up her tricorder and showed Ramos the display. It was a map of the new site with a proposed perimeter fencing placement. Ramos looked it over and compared it to what she could see with what the flood lights illuminated.

“Why are these two out this far from the water?” Ramos asked.

“It’s kind of rough in that area so we have the area around the water supply covered and were not going to have to tip toe around this section. I’d hate to have someone slip on a rock and fall into the barrier,” Oberst replied. “Nothing worse than falling on rocks then getting stunned for it,” she added.

That got a few chuckles from the group.

“Makes sense,” Ramos noted.

“We can always move it in closer for entertainment,” Oberst added.

Ramos looked over the map. “Maybe later,” she said.

“When are the crews coming down?” Oberst(npc) asked.

“As soon as we get the structures up and powered. I need to check with Ops on what their timeline is. Right now, we need to get this perimeter up. I want two of you keeping a watch on things with a tricorder for now,” Ramos said. “You two are my volunteers for that,” she added pointing to two of the staff. “The rest of us will get this perimeter fence up.”

“I’d heard there are no life forms on this planet,” one of the two security officers assigned to guard duty asked.

“Since we’ve been here, what, six hours, we’ll just leave the fence down based on your expert opinion,” Ramos said. 

The officer wasn’t quite sure if Ramos was jesting or chastising him. He let it go and did not reply.  

“Oberst, you’re in charge until I get back. I should be back in about 15 minutes,” Ramos said.

“Got it,” Oberst(npc) said.

Ramos turned and started off to find the Ops chief on the timeline of the arrival of the crews. She then hollered back to the group without turning around, “Today people!”

The group of security were starting their tasks, but not at a break neck speed, suddenly picked up their pace.

One officer who had lifted the other end of a cargo container that Oberst had lifted asked, “How does she do that?”

“She knows you,” Oberst replied.




1Lt. Juliet Ramos


USS Flambeau