The Adventurer's Bug - Closer to Paradisio

Paula Chapman


== Conference Room ==
== MD 2, early evening ==

Preparations had been ongoing from the previous briefing onwards, on the basis that Harkon IV could support them. After site 2 was elected, more thorough analyses were performed in the only active lab left at the moment, Science and Medical working side by side.

Dr Tamad gave a reluctant agreement to the choice of site, that came with a few warnings and probably, more unspoken words of caution. They took it from there with a much needed briefing. Command and Senior Staff alike were doing a good job of looking alert, considering. The only one excused was their CEO, still on a further 40 hours of medically-enforced recoup time.

"Medical will leave last, to give remaining patients extra recovery time and make sure all is properly set up on Harkon IV," Chase specified again. "Phase 2 is starting now. We have a list of personnel with relevant skills who are to shuttle down along with our equipment and build our base camp."

She activated a display and continued. "There's a lot less clearing to do than expected. A simple defensive perimeter will suffice. We retain the option of having a civilian camp in the middle, it will also serve for crew kept off duty on medical grounds. Two shuttles and the captain's yacht will be parked in triangle formation outside of that area to serve as medical facilities, with enough space to take off if needed.

"Barracks will be organized on the outer perimeter for the bulk of our people down there, that is, all active crew not designated to rotate aboard for repairs. All in all it should make for a sizeable camp. The main reason is that top soil needs to remain capable of absorbing regular rain showers. Crowding it with over a hundred people for several weeks would turn it into one big muddy mess.

“Phase 3 is evacuation and resettlement. It will overlap with phase 2 and begin as soon as we have civilian hosting capabilities. Auxiliary craft destined to medical use will be last in Phase 3, as we need all of them for the bulk of the evacuation to proceed timely. That's all from me.”

"Lieutenant Somer, you will direct camp building operations and resettlement of all personnel and civilians," Bruno announced, not creating any surprise with that. "We don't need everything perfect, rather the contrary. We simply need things done to the point where the rest of the crew can keep busy with finishing touches and making things better on a daily basis. Except for medical."

Somer's eyes narrowed in thought, even as she nodded her understanding of the reasoning. Dominic looked at her, passing a PADD handed by Chase. "By the time shuttles and personnel are on the ground, it will be past dawn at the site."

"Thank you, I was going to ask," she acknowledged quickly, taking the PADD and looking at one section. "4 hours from there to install the overall support tech and build the civilian camp. Then we have the rest of the day to do the outer ring and some repurposing on auxiliary craft for medical needs," she read aloud for everybody's information.

Bruno's eyes went around the table. "Our XO and I will alternate aboard to supervise repairs. Torini, you will act as Second Officer on base throughout for command continuity. Ramos, your work is cut out for you, including science away teams and shepherding civilians on a few outings in coming days," he added for kicks. They were all tired and looking for their second, or third breath.

"Sir, is that really necessary?" Ramos frowned. "This is asking for trouble and creating more liabilities without helping with our situation."

"Morale, Ramos. Some three dozen civilians kept parked in a camp will only lead to squabbles, protests and heaven knows what else. More stories to take home. A spot of romance. I'm not putting it past Biglow or Flambeau crew either, once things settle down and the waiting gets long."

There were a few more notes. Somehow names were going around for the base camp, not all of them entirely pleasant. It wasn't such a mundane detail. Rather than issue orders to discipline a tired crew, suggestions were called and Dom's won with "Paradisio".

Bruno imparted one last item.

"Three captains around is a chance we can't pass. We'll be working at different things entirely on split locations, with two crews, one of which is not used to our procedures. This increases the odds of something going past us. Captain Belmont agreed to have Captain Waterford oversee her own crew on the Flambeau, for those detailed on our repair roster. She will oversee the rest of them and attend to her passengers at... Paradisio. Keeping in mind none of them is trained for away teams, Ramos, her few Security hands will be paired with yours at all times when on duty. That will be all... Dismiss," he concluded.

Back in his Ready Room for a short bit and bite, Bruno allowed himself a small smile as the briefing replayed in his mind. If the whole lot of baby-sitting duties he dumped on Ramos didn't pull her mind away from obsessing over a torpedo launcher, he didn't know what would.

His smile turned into a wince. As a former Tactical Chief, he could hardly fault Ramos. Restoring some defensive capabilities was on top of the short list he had tasked Damon with, as soon as power systems could be stabilized. Right now, they were practically sitting ducks.

The door opened, not on his Yeoman but on Dr Louise Sheppard bearing his dinner tray.

"Your yeoman nearly fainted waiting for your dinner," she informed him. "I left her sat in front of a hot soup, with orders to take a nap next. Poor thing just said, yes Ma'am. Do you mind some company?" she asked, setting down the tray arranged for two.

It looked appetizing and it smelled like it too.

"Err, no Ma'am," Bruno chuckled, half raising until she sat down, too weary to mind the breach in protocol. The ship was upside down. "Wouldn't mind getting ordered to bed either."

Her eyes rose to meet his with a different spark there, taking the measure of him. It suited her. "We'll see."

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Capt. Bruno Marini
USS Flambeau