The Adventurer's Bug - Back to Reality



==USS Avalon==
==Sickbay, surgery suite A==
==MD 12, afternoon==

Tamad made a final pass with the dermal regenerator, sealing the incision at the base of her patient's neck, before handing it back to the nurse assisting her.  Together, she and the surgical team gently rolled the woman from her side onto her back, and Tamad activated the surgical bed's scanning and diagnostic equipment.

A hologram of the patient's upper spinal column and skull, slightly transparent so that the brain beneath could also be seen, appeared above the table.  Tamad paced a half circle around the display, using her hands to move it until she had examined every angle.  Finally, she deactivated the display and removed her surgical mask.

"Congratulations, everyone; the operation was a complete success," she announced, pulling off her gloves as the surgical team cheered briefly.  "Give her at least two hours to recover before moving her, then another few days in observation just in case," she ordered the nearest nurse, who nodded and made notes on her PADD.  "Keep me informed if anything changes."

She pulled back the hood of her surgical gown as she exited the room, antenna popping out of confinement with some relief.  On her way to the showers she stopped and peered through the observation window where Dr. Ritt was still operating on their other critical patient.  The Bolian was completely focussed on his work repairing the badly damaged lungs of the young man on the table.  Tamad nodded to herself and continued to the showers; the patient was in good hands.

Stepping into the corridor a short while later, damp hair loose on her back and shoulders, wearing a fresh uniform for the first time in far too long, she found herself with the luxury of nowhere to go and nothing to do.  She had offered her services to the Avalon's CMO, who had politely demurred, insisting the Andorian doctor get some rest after the ordeal of Harkon.  The ship's counselor was doing an admirable job of fitting the Flambeau and Biglow crew who desired his services into the schedule.  She thought briefly about checking on Damon and Brenn, but decided the pair of them could use some alone time.

The image of Captain Marini floated into her head, and she wondered if she should find him.  Now that things had calmed down and he had been proven right (doubly so, considering the disaster that would have occurred had everyone been aboard Flambeau when those damned bugs hatched), she should probably apologize.  She and Marini had never been especially close, but had maintained a cordially professional relationship.  These past couple of weeks, though, since their argument, he had been colder and more distant.

The problem was, she wasn't sure how Marini would take an apology.  Would he rather just forget the incident and move on?  Did he want to see her grovel?  Or would coming to him, proverbial hat in hand, display weakness and lose even more of his respect?

Tamad entered the turbolift and ordered it to take her to the deck where she had been assigned quarters.  After everything else, she decided, she wanted a nap.  She'd figure the rest out later.


Dr Tamad
USS Flambeau