The Adventurer's Bug - Roughing It



==Shuttlecraft en route to Harkon IV surface==
==MD 3, afternoon==

The shuttle rocked again, nearly throwing Tamad out of her seat and causing her to glance anxiously at the two unconscious patients strapped to gurneys in the rear.  The pilot, seated to her left, smiled reassuringly.  "Nothing to worry about, doc.  Just a little turbulence.  We'll cut through it soon and it'll be a smooth ride the rest of the way down."

"Tell that to the woman with the recently severed spine and the severe head trauma," she snapped.  "If not for the stasis field, I doubt she'd survive this little jaunt."

The pilot paled but didn't have anything else to say to that.  Tamad went back to remotely monitoring her patients' vitals via the console.  Some part of her felt guilty for tearing into the poor boy, but that was buried under layers of anger and frustration about this situation.  Being responsible for the health of two ships' worth of scared, injured individuals was hard enough with a fully functioning Sickbay.  It was harder yet with a barely functioning Sickbay.

It would be, in her opinion, damned near impossible in a previously unscouted, alien, tropical jungle.  She had brought this point up to Captain Marini, somewhat loudly, only to be firmly overruled.

And so here she was, bouncing through the atmosphere with two patients who needed the facilities of a starbase and were instead headed to a campsite.  Her antennae were twitching with impotent rage.

Credit where it was due:  the pilot was as good as his word.  The shuttle bounced a couple more times, neither as severely as before, then leveled out.  Before long, Tamad could see the clearing which housed their small settlement, silvery prefab buildings and tents shining in the sun.  He brought the shuttle to a gentle landing just outside the captain's yacht, which was bracketed by two of Flambeau's largest shuttles in a crude triangle.

He was still going through the shutdown sequence as Tamad released her restraint and headed back to check on her patients.  She didn't register the rear hatch opening until a gentle hand touched her shoulder; it was Dr Ritt, who had come down with earlier groups to set up the field hospital and restart treatment of those still waiting.

"Did he make it okay?" the Bolian asked, referring to the patient in front of her.  She nodded, straightening with a slight relaxation of her shoulders.

"The stasis field held," she said.  "If we can get him transferred to a bed in the yacht, he should be as safe as any of us."

Ritt made an affirmative sound but didn't comment; by now, she knew that her "conversation" with Captain Marini was public knowledge.  They both stood by as teams of nurses came and gently lifted the patients.  Tamad shouldered her duffel and followed the ACMO out of the shuttle.

"I think you'll be satisfied with the set up," he told her as they approached the main hatch of the yacht.  "The portside shuttle, there, is a triage area, where a nurse or medic on duty can take the patient's complaints and run a diagnostic scan with a tricorder."  He gestured to the shuttle on the starboard side of the yacht. "Anything non life threatening is prioritized and put on the wait list, before being pulled back into the acute care wing there and treated.  We're still working our way through the patients injured from the Flambeau and Biglow, but we're making steady progress.  We're down to minor injuries and cosmetic repairs - bumps, bruises, and minor burn scars."

He turned, indicated the corridor leading into the yacht, where her patients from the shuttle were being taken.  "We've set the captain's yacht up as an Emergency/Chronic care unit, for patients with life threatening conditions or those in need of long term care.  There's an area in the back that can be used as a surgery if necessary."

Finally, he led her past the small bridge to a door, which he opened and gestured for her to precede him.  She walked into a small room with a single desk and chair and a modest bed with a trunk at the base.  "Captain Marini and I knew you wouldn't be happy unless you were on top of things, so welcome to your office slash bunk," he said with a smile.

Tamad smiled back, gratefully dropping her duffel on the bed.  "Thank you, Zedd," she said.  "It looks like you have things well in hand down here."

Ritt shrugged self-effacingly.  "I don't get all the credit.  Lieutenant Somer made sure the field hospital was set up properly, and asked me a lot of questions about how it should be laid out.  She's also made sure all the medical staff have bunks nearby, so nobody should be far in case of an all hands."

Tamad nodded, gazing wistfully at the bed.  She'd been going nonstop since the Red Alert that pulled her out of bed before midnight.  But there was still more to do before she could rest.  Turning back to the door, she put a hand on Ritt's shoulder as they walked. 

"We've got patients who need treatment, Doctor Ritt.  Shall we?"


Dr Tamad
USS Flambeau