Shoreleave - Time Heals All - Damon/NPC

Mark Hyacinth


=Mandukar Moonbase=


“Rest assured we’ll take care of her, Commander.”

Those were the words the dock master had said her right before she left his office. Chase was wandering the the moonbase without any destination. She had nowhere to be. The plans she had with Ash prior to her taking the posting with the Corps of Engineers were now nixed. Like them. Chase wandered around the Promenade then just stopped. She looked left and then right before looking straight across at a cafe. Flambeau’s exec strode over to the “outdoor” seating and plopped down into a chair. A Bolian server came over and Chase quickly ordered a latte. Her gaze moved about, taking in members of Starfleet and civilians alike. The Clemenceau had been delayed so her friends wouldn’t be there for another day. The latte came out and she thanked the server. It smelled as good as it looked. Somehow the barista had managed to create a Starfleet Delta on top. Neat trick. Chase took an unsweetened sip and decided she liked it that way.

Tamad had gone home to Andoria. The Captain’s family had come to surprise him with the help of Dom. Nala was off to who knew where. Come to think of it, she didn’t know where Dom had gone either. She was the XO and she should, but she didn’t. If they needed to track anyone down Starfleet had a knack for finding people. Chase downed the rest of the latte and ordered a second. Perhaps she should request some accommodations on the moonbase. Just in case they needed her for something regarding the Flambeau. She shook her head. That was nonsense. There was nothing this base couldn’t handle in regards to the Flambeau. She was Commander Dunsel at the moment. She felt every bit the part. The second latte came out and she let it cool for a bit. Maybe she should head to Carthage. She had heard good things about the planet and she had never been. She could hitch a ride on the Dallas as they were heading that way. Maybe she would reach out to Ken Kamara.

Chase looked up and saw the Oberon coasting above the moon. She was a beauty. So many ships and so many designs. Starfleet had come a long way over the past century. Unfortunately the cause of this technological renaissance had been war and fear. The Borg and the Dominion had caused certain technologies to grow in leaps and bounds. Starfleet had expanded every shipyard to keep putting hulls into space. No design was off the table. She hefted the mug and sipped at the latte. It was as good as the first. Chase finished it in short order and stood up. Hefting her duffel, she again looked around because she had no destination. Then she stopped. She felt…

“You’re a hard woman to find, Chase Damon,” said a completely unexpected voice from behind her. Chase slowly turned around to behold a woman that outside of her ash blonde hair and apparel that had been pulled right out of a fashion holo, looked exactly like her.


Chase had tried hard not to break. All her bravery retreated and in the face of the one person that knew exactly how she felt. Jane opened her arms and Chase ran into them and sobbed. She had always felt safe with her sister and that’s what she needed right now. It was almost two minutes of hugging before Chase let go. Wiping at her eyes, she smiled at her sister. “What are you doing here, Jane?”

“I knew. I knew you needed me.” She put her arm across her sister’s shoulder and started them towards the civilian docks. “Come with me. We’ll get you sorted. It’s past time for you to take a break from all this Starfleet business. We have a ship and we can go wherever you like.”

Chase looked at her. “You brought her here?”

“Of course. I never travel commercial.” Jane made a face like word itself was gross. “Plus you’ve never been aboard her. It was time for that too.” They walked for another few minutes before the civilian dock viewing area came into view. Jane brought them to a large port and pointed off to their left. Chase’s mouth hung open at the sight. The hull was sleek and glossy white with silver elements that looked decorative, but concealed useful technologies for navigating the vastness of space. The warp engines were shrouded to preserve the aesthetics of the arrowhead design. Jane swept her hand like she was a salesman presenting her prized piece of merchandise. “Welcome, to the Nautilus.”

She was a Warp Yacht. Fast, maneuverable, and beautiful. Most of the ship’s systems were automated as they were designed to be flown by one or two people, with accommodations for six. “What a beauty.” Chase looked at her sister. “Where shall we go?”

Jane smiled slyly at her sister. “Let’s see where the current takes us.” Her arm went back across her sister’s shoulder. Chase smiled as she watched them draw closer to the vessel. She turned her head and gave her sister a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for coming for me, Jane.”



Lt. Commander Chase Damon

Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer

USS Flambeau