Shoreleave - End of an Era



==Moonbase Mandukar==
==CEO's office==

S'Rell stopped outside her current boss's office, taking a deep breath and making sure her uniform was tidy.  The chief engineer of the moonbase was nothing if not fastidious and she didn't want to leave this meeting with a bad impression.  Satisfied that all was well, she pressed the buzzer and the doors opened almost immediately.

Lieutenant Commander Flagg was sitting behind her desk, apparently finishing a report, as the Caitian walked in.  Looking up, she offered a bittersweet smile and gestured her subordinate to a chair.  "Is it that time already, Lieutenant?" she asked softly.

"I'm afraid so, Commander," S'Rell replied, handing her the PADD with her final reports and transfer orders.  "The Flambeau is being towed into place now to begin refit and repair; as soon as I leave here, I'm meeting Chief Bru'kh and then reporting for duty.  We've got a lot to do, I'm told."

"So I hear," Flagg replied, brushing an errant lock of blue-streaked blonde hair out of her face as she perused the PADD.  Finally she sat it down and smiled at the younger woman again.  "Everything appears to be in order.  I'll feel remiss if I don't ask you one last time to change your mind, though.  You're a valuable part of this team, S'Rell.  We'll miss having you around."

A low rumble escaped from the Caitian's throat, which she tried to cover with a cough.  Purring at a compliment was something for kits, not mature females.  Taking a moment to smooth the black striped grey fur on her face, she offered Flagg a sharp toothed grin.  

"You're very kind, commander," she said, "and I've enjoyed working here more than you know.  But I've yet to do a tour on a starship and I think it's time.  Serving as Chief Engineer of the Flambeau is the challenge I need right now."

Flagg digested this for a moment, then rose solemnly.  "Then Godspeed, Lieutenant S'Rell," she said formally, offering her hand.  "It will be difficult to find someone to fill your boots as ACEO."

Taking the captain's hand in her smaller, furrier paw, S'Rell gave it a pump and a heartfelt squeeze.  "It's been an honor and a privelige to serve under you, Lieutenant Commander Flagg," she said sincerely.  "May our paths cross again someday."

Before either woman could lose their poise, the Caitian spun on her heel and marched out the door.  On her way to the dockyards master's office, she paused at a viewing port to take in the Flambeau, still being moved into position to begin repairs.

To one accustomed the Galaxy, Sovereign, or Avalon class starships, the Flambeau definitely came off as small; almost an afterthought of a ship.  But S'Rell had been studying the schematics and history of this vessel, and had found an appreciation for her sleek lines and graceful symmetry.  Not to mention a deep respect for how hardy the little ship was.  She looked forward to getting her back to working order and heading out.

Placing one hand on the edge of the port, she smiled at her new ship.  "Let's have some adventures, shall we?" she murmured.


Lieutenant S'Rell
ACEO Moonbase Mandukar (former)
CEO USS Flambeau

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Lt Commander Rebecca Flagg (npc)
Moonbase Mandukar