THE Adventurer's Bug - A New Routine




== Paridisio, Harkon IV==

== MD 4, 1 hour before sunrise ==

== Inside Crew Quarters ==

When the alarm went off for Lt. Ramos it wasn’t needed. She had been awake for more than an hour and when the alarm went off she quickly turned it off so as not to disturb others near her bunk. The quarters left very little privacy since they were designed for 30 bunks with a storage locker near each and that was it. On one end was the facilities for hygiene and toliets. Tossing  off her blanket she immediately felt the cold morning air. It was a motivator to get her moving and dressed which it did. In a few short minutes she was up, slipped on her tunic, pants and boots. There were a couple of others that were moving as their alarms had gone off as well. Juliet acknowledged them with a nod of her head instead of calling out. She quickly made her bunk, secured her jacket and headed outside.


== Outside of Crew Quarters ==

The area around the site was illuminate with portable light stands. There had been a few complaints about the lighting disturbing sleep. The complaints were considered, but security of the camp was an overriding factor and they stayed on. For Ramos it made keeping the camp safe that much easier. She noticed one of her nightly patrols moving past the logistics building. She started off after them at a quick pace and soon caught up with them. The patrol noticed her approach, stopped and turned to challenge the unknown figure.

“Halt. Identify yourself,” a male voice called out in challenge.

The lighting was bright enough to recognize people, but procedures must be followed.

“Lieutenant Ramos,” Juliet replied.

“Advance to be recognized,” the male voice commanded.

Juliet took a few paces forward until she was ordered to halt again.

She could see the male’s companion using a tricorder to confirm what Juliet had said for identification. Almost immediately the security officer with the tricorder spoke up.

“Good morning, sir.”

Juliet stepped over to the two officers.

“How were things last night?” Juliet asked.

“Pretty quiet. Not even a lot of nature sounds like animals,” the male said.

“More like a lack of sound,” the female officer added.

“Kind of creepy if you ask me,” the male added as well. “Liked the waterfall sounds though.”

“Glad we could accommodate you,” Juliet said. “I’m less concerned about the waterfall than any breeches of security for the perimeter.”

The two officers took on a more professional demeanor and reported to Ramos.

“The perimeter is secure and no breeches occurred during this watch,” the male reported.

“Good. Return to patrol,” Ramos said.

“Yes, sir,” the two replied. They turned and continued on their route.

Juliet watched them head off then started towards the perimeter electronic fencing. She noticed an area where the lighting didn’t quite reach the perimeter and got an idea. Reaching down she picked up a medium size stone and was about to toss it into the fencing, but checked herself. She knew if the alarm went off the camp would burst unexpectedly awake. She knew she had to find a way and time to check the camp security. She noted she wanted to increase lighting in this area and moved on.


==20 minutes later ==

All of the patrols had been checked and the report from the officer of the watch confirmed all was quiet all night long. Juliet considered getting some breakfast at the mess hall then stopped. Normally she began her day with a work out in the gym, but with no gym she considered her alternatives. It was a simple answer, just go back to standard calisthenics. She returned to the crew quarters where she was bunked, dropped off her jacket inside and returned outside. She spent the next fifteen minutes stretching and doing some basic exercises. While she was doing them one of the other crew from the Flambeau came out of the structure. She walked over to Ramos.

“Mind if I join you, Lieutenant?” the Ops crewman asked.

“I’m not going to say no,” Ramos replied.

The crewman began her stretches and when she began her exercises, she followed with the current one that Ramos had moved on to. The two worked out together with Ramos leading the two as she selected the next workout routine. The two concluded the work out with a short run around the perimeter of the camp.  On their return from the run, both needed to grab a shower and change clothes.

== Inside the Crew Quarters ==

As Ramos walked through the structure she found several of her people chatting and sitting on their bunks after waking up. She was still feeling the She walked over to them.

The officers stood as she approached.

“Good morning, sir,” one said.

“What are you folks up too?” Ramos asked.

“Just discussing when we’ll get out of here,” on volunteered.

“Leave? We just got here. What are your immediate plans for the day?”

“I’m on duty at 08:00 hours,” the volunteer said.

“I got off duty about 02:00 hours, sir,” another answered.

“Then you should be sleeping then,” Ramos noted.
"I got up when I heard these guys get up, sir," he noted.
"Is anyone on duty in less than two hours?" Ramos asked.
No one said anything expect the occasional 'no'.
"Great, then I want all of you to get outside and do a basic exercise routine like back in training. You lead the drill," Ramos said to the original volunteer.
"Once done, you can eat breakfast, get ready  for duty or even go back to bed if you're off duty," Ramos said. "Time starts in 5 minutes outside."
With that she turned and headed towards the showers to clean up.

1lt. Juliet Ramos
USS Flambeau