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This group is used for play-by-email role playing in the Star Trek universe. The purpose is interactive creative fun. We are a free, PG-13 rated PBEM RPG group in existence since 2004 (with history going back to 2000 in Tango Fleet RPG), and a founding member of the Sixth Fleet RPG.

The name "Nexus" was chosen as a generic, Trek-related name ("Generations") after we went through a few ships, because our gameverse never stops pulling from the background we built across 20 years of writing... But on to our latest adventure!

The USS Flambeau RPG is a Star Trek PBEM ship-based simulation set in the last decade of the 24th century, main timeline. The current year is 2396.

Having undergone a full upgrade and refit, by December 2392 the USS Flambeau NCC-79901, Norway class, is assigned a new command and crew. Their general mission orders are to conduct peacekeeping patrols, facilitate scientific exploration and provide colonial support in the deep space area denominated the Nordström Expanse, on the outer fringes of Federation presence in the Beta Quadrant.

Breaking news: times are changing and with the Fleet coming to new technology, while the much neglected Nordström sector comes to unexpected riches, a full revamping of the Area of Operations is in the cards - but how well is it going to play out? 2396 will be a year of challenges for the USS Flambeau!

The USS Axanar continues in parallel for its previous players, as the FARLONG gameverse created to pursue the adventures of the USS Swifture, USS Poseidon and USS Avalon crews. An Axanar mission is usually played in opening every year, often continuing our best arcs.

The USS Flambeau RPG is a member of the Sixth Fleet

*Former Liberty, Swiftsure, Poseidon, Avalon, Axanar players: The post archives for the USS Liberty (Ambassador NCC-261720 then Nebula NCC-61720, 2000-2004), USS Swiftsure NCC-26543, Ambassador class (March 2004-May 2009); the USS Poseidon NCC-86515, Sovereign class (before and post-Christopher era; the USS Avalon NCC-76262-A June 2010-June 2013 are available by email contact, following the shutdown of yahoogroups archives on December 2019.

Owing to the Yahoogroups changes in Dec 2019, the USS Axanar, Sovereign class NCC-92701 2013-2018 archives are in the works.

The websites are still up at - - and
The Liberty is found at  - go to Logs to access the former Ambassador class.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: ALL things Star Trek are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures and their respective owners and affiliates. No copyright violation is intended.  In the same manner, we bear NO relation whatsoever to the Nexus platform and resources hosted at dot IO, or elsewhere.

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